Monday, August 8, 2011


Alien Life Forms Everywhere You Intend To Go,
These Days-a sing along for the whole family!

Mama seems preoccupied, not herself, guess Daddy's been remiss

in ejecting foreign armies

from Mama's

military terrain.

Proud son one lost all rationality

this morning

when a cryptic strange glowing purple light

engulfed him.

Makes me want to stay in my room.

Staying in one's room

too long

(especially on a beautiful blue day)

is frowned upon

by supposedly reasonable

men and women.

I haven't met a man or woman

capable of any reason

in days.

Reason is boring.

People love to scream, slobber, vent, gnash, snarl,


all in the name


calmed nuance.

As if they were

inhabited by

Alien Life Forms Everywhere

You Intend To Go.

I intend going nowhere,


am open to going


Where would you endorse i go?

Don't say hell,

as 4 people already have pushed that option button.

Hell's overrated.

Satan's old, really not agile enough to

be able to do all the horrible deeds

his contract calls for.

Satan will have to turn over his kingdom

to new younger blood.

And if Satan is unable to meet his commitments,

the whole equation topples.

If Satan is physically unable to play his part,

that of the Evil doer

of all evil makeovers and dos,

than what good would a slick Rick Perry be?

Rick is muy macho, Texas T style.

He could very well be the new feisty younger Satan.

I'm going to vote for him.

Slick Rick knows his Tricks!

I bow down.

As for Satan?

Get your walker, dad.

Go to your room.

We'll see you get fed, somehow.

The caregiver will be here soon.

The care, the care, the care...

the empathy, the empathy, the empathy...


you can no longer get an abortion-if you try,we'll kill you.

you can't get birth control-if you try, we'll kill you.

you can't sue polluters-if you try, we'll kill you.

all public schools will close. if they don't=we'll kill them.

you can't sue wall street-if you try, we'll kill you.

we'll find jobs for you-if we don't,we'll kill you.

in fact you can have rick perry's job.

you wanna be governor of texas?

rick's moving up

taking over satan's lead spot on the roster.

i'm going down the line.

don't know what's hanging there.

maybe something good.

maybe not.

the Job Providers just kicked in my door.

We just provided a job for a door doctor, they sang.

the door doctor

wobbles through

about 45 minutes later.

he could be Milburn Stone.

which was your favorite patient?

i asked,

as he gave my door mouth-to-mouth.

John Densmore is super cool,

doc replied.

Alien Life Forms must pay taxes, too!!!

No more loopholes

for UFO


Mama's growing a 2nd head.

Daddy's not equipped to handle this

breaking news.

One head was way too much

for him



Please help my Daddy successfully assimilate Mama's new 2nd head.

Maybe Slick Rick can toss an extra prayer my

Daddy's way.

The eyes of Texas they have glorious irises.

Iris, hello, it's been awhile.

-Scott Wannberg

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