Tuesday, September 27, 2011


To protect my piracy

Data mining with occasional muzak

skids utilizing the versatility of the egg

Do I feel most like an animal
staring up at the dental light
I really don’t know

And will the world end
in the day time
I really don’t know

Fluid resistant face mask makes the case:

I’ll be wearing my Gorby blemish today
in memory of our record of no kills

You wanna live my way?
Whatever that is?

Rational compomise
and the politics of the situation
the next one
their compartments
a little blow

Every stranger near you
the situation
the next one
and so on mid-air captivity refuge for the mind


Defensive advantage.

Zoned in its place, decapitation on screen genocide in its place

off screen

semantics denying the dead
and dying
their right to the word

This is my space
to decompose

a little joyless form
finds its way in

live car crash
preview a head

King of the softies

Friend of King of the softies

Rocking on

If I’m blank you can write
what you want on me

It’s you I write for
& it’s you I don’t trust

-Anselm Berrigan

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