Thursday, September 6, 2012


protect the rich -- join the party!
come on out it’s the fourth of july
it's pioneer days & a mighty fine
country we live in, why yes it is!
-- took it from the indians & the
old cistern of capitalism is doing
its thing -- boys we live in a good
damn country, boomerangers &
misadventurers start your engines
of opportunity -- cruise the streets
drink your poison -- we’re waist deep
in the doo wha diddy -- all night long
all axe-handle night -- why you're
looking ram tough tonight, darling!
sing it out while the people of color
smoke their angry cigarettes & hang
around outside the county courthouse --
sing it out with kate smith belt it out
people! hands over your god bless
america hearts! it’s the seventh inning
the home team’s alive & the home team’s
winning -- poppa drink your beer -- momma
dish out some more of that good green stuff.
freedom’s for the taking! easy opportunity!
why listen to filthy protestors on wall street
when you can vote for the smiling man
who robs you over and over again in
the name of freedom? the good stuff
trickles down boys & girls the oil wells
pump magic into your veins o let the
rowdies have their fun let the good
times roll laissez les old folks scoop
their cat food dinner tin cans -- let
the children & grandchildren of
immigrants take their place on
the wrong side of the picket line.
cross the line, serve thirty days in jail.
o beat down the suckers & the cop-baiters
let the troublemakers & the infiltrators
the provocateurs & bible beating shotgun
wielding cowboys run wild in the land of
the free -- & who among us’ll blame them?
who? who’s that waiting in the dangerous
shadows of the rio grande? who's that guy
jimmy-jamming the voting booth? why it’s
just me, folks -- another good american
trying to protect the american way!
fuck that boy stuck waist deep
in the doo-wha-diddy.

-George Wallace

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