Monday, May 17, 2010


The map room

We moved into a house with 6 rooms: the Bedroom,
the Map Room, the Vegas Room, Cities
in the Flood Plains, the West, & the Room
Which Contains All of Mexico. We honeymooned
in the Vegas Room where lounge acts wasted
our precious time. Then there was the junta's
high command, sick dogs of the Map Room, heel-
prints everywhere, pushing model armies
into the unfurnished West. At night: stories
of their abandoned homes in the Cities
in the Flood Plains, how they had loved each other
mercilessly, in rusting cars, until
the drive-in went under. From the Bedroom
we called the decorator & demanded
a figurehead... the one true diva to be had
in All of Mexico: Maria Felix [star of The Devourer,
star of The Lady General]. Nightly in Vegas,
"It's Not Unusual" or the Sex Pistols medley.
Nothing ever comes back from the West, it's a
one-way door, a one-shot deal,-- the one room we
never slept in together. My wife wants to rename it
The Ugly Truth. I love my wife for her
wonderful, light, creamy, highly reflective skin;
if there's an illumination from the submerged Cities,
that's her. She suspects me of certain acts
involving Maria Felix, the gambling debts mount...
but when she sends the junta off to Bed
we rendezvous in the Map Room & sprawl
across the New World with our heads to the West.
I sing her romantic melodies from the Room
Which Contains All of Mexico, tunes which
keep arriving like heaven, in waves of raw data,
& though I wrote none of the songs myself
& can't pronounce them, these are my greatest hits.

-Joshua Clover

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